KeySafe®, AutoSafe key- and value-store safe system

The KeySafe System is an intelligent key management and storage system, which is for safekeeping, automated management of keys of buildings, cars and other valuables. The system combines key cabinets, cabinets with drawers, storage boxes and the management software, that can be connected to the ProxerNet building automation IP network and able to work with other systems.

The KeySafe® is a smart safety key-store cabinet, which allows a high safety key management with personal proximity card, PIN code, NFC or optional with fingerprint reader identification. The cabinet locks each key one by one in the slots and lets nobody to take away any of the keys, unless the person has permission to up them. It is possible to connect it to a computer network and to check remotely who and when took which key and for how long time. It can be integrated into a building management system as well.

Application areas: banks, government institutions, military, power plants, car dealer, rental, factories, stores, security companies, hospitals, clinics, hotels, motels.

  • Intelligent, secure storage with proximity card, PIN code, and/or optional fingerprint opening
  • The cabinet can be opened only with authorized ID, access is fully monitorable
  • Can be connected to a PC via Ethernet - Wi-Fi option, for management, reports, logs
  • Multiple cabinet key management, systemic management of the connected devices to the Ethernet Network
  • Recordable data: person, time, keys
  • Define access rights to users individually, can be given and withdrawn by keys, via Internet also
  • Online-offline communication: automatic or mixed mode communications (itself is also workable – can be programmed through
  • the integrated touchscreen industrial PC and/or with the ProxerNet software on the remote network.)
  • Management software of ProxerNet, which can cooperating with the other modules (e.g. access control, time-attendance, etc.)
Provided services by the built-in industrial PC
  • Stand-alone operation, uninterrupted offline operation even in case of network breakdown
  • Key search function (Where is the Lexus key? Which position in the cabinet? Or is it in an other cabinet?)
  • The log of door opening, keys and the information of the reservation can be seen on the screen
  • Key pick-up authority management available on screen with admin access
  • At identification, the user’s name and ID photo can be showed on the screen
  • Fingerprint reader. The cabinet door can be opened with the fingerprint
  • Vandal safety crimped keyring
  • SMS alarm if someone exceeded the time limit, e-mail alert about the movement
  • Custom sizes: KeySafe Lock storage capacity 8 from 304 keys, drawer modules 8 drawers, the number of boxes upon request
  • Integration to the access control system: enables exit permission only if the user bring back all the keys
With the intelligent KeySafe Lock key cabinets you always know, where are your keys. The key-cabinet opens with personal RFID proximity ID, PIN code or optional with fingerprint. Keys are secured by electric engine driven locks and RFID tags, let them take away only if the user has permission for. Authority management is per key, for person and time period. The opening and closing events will be logged, can be monitored. The system checks automatically if the person is authorized to take that specific key, or not. It monitors also that he put back to the right slot, or not. The system invoke alerts in case of missing key or overdue keys or by setting if someone fails to put the key in it’s position. The KeySafe Lock cabinets are suitable for professional use with high safety level.
The KeyDrawer safety drawers cabinet can be opened with a personal RFID proximity ID, PIN code or fingerprint identification. Drawers are locked individually, and can be opened only with permission for that specific drawer. The cabinet stores keys, cards, mobile phone, car documentation, etc. It can be specified who has permission to which drawer. The opening and closing events will be logged. The drawer can be opened only by an authorized user, the keys are identified, so will be always known who had taken your keys. KeySafe system combines key cabinets and storage boxes, forming an IP-based network, which is controlled by a management program. This software is based on SQL database and operates together with the HWServer.

The program handles the person and key database, the key rights and the event log. It knows real time who has taken a key from where and when he has to bring it back.

You will exactly know from the movements data:
1. Where are my keys?
2. What keys a specific user has taken?
3. Who and when had he taken that key?
4. In which cabinet which keys are in?
The AutoSafe be made up of 9-400 pieces independent, numbered safe box, which can be opened/closed only by RFID proximity card or NFC-enabled mobile phone. It can be determined, who can have permission to open which box. The opening, closing events will be logged. The AutoSafe cabinets are designed for controlled security storage and of high-value items, objects to personal use (mobile phone, tablet, notebook, instruments, car keys, etc.). More cabinets can be connected to one network, and can be monitored and managed via AutoSafe module of the ProxerNet software.
All products are available in brushed stainless steel or powder-coated steel with or without glass door versions, too!