Demo video - KeySafe Lock



  • The intelligent, safety key-rack can be opened only with authorized ID card
  • The key safe door can be opened only with an authorized RFID card
  • Can be connected to a PC via Ethernet - Wi-Fi option - recordable
  • Multiple cabinet key management, systemic manage of the connected devices to the Ethernet Network
  • Recordable data: person, time, keys
  • Online-offline communication: automatic or mixed mode communications (itself is also workable – can be programmed trough the integrated touchscreen industrial PC and/or with the ProxerNet software on the remote network.)
  • Management software is the ProxerNet, with the other module (e.g. Access control, working time, etc.) can work.

In which areas is the most important controlled secure key management and value?

- banks, financial institutions
- state institutions
- universities, colleges
- hospitalt, medical facilities
- hotels
- security firms
- auto factory
- car rental
- conferece centers
- army
Key and value management with the most secure technologies


The KeySafe System is an intelligent key and value store cabinet for safekeeping, automated collection of keys of buildings, cars and other objects. The member of the system are the key cabinets, cabinets with drawers and the management software, that can be connected to the ProxerNet building automation IP network and able to work with other systems..

KeySafe Lock Product Family

The KeySafe Lock is a safety key-storage cabinet, which can be opened only with personal RFID proximity card or transponder, optionally using fingerprint identification. It is possible to connect it to a computer network and to check remotely who and when took which key and for how long time. It can be integrated into a building management system as well.

KeyDrawer Product Family

The KeyDrawer is a security key drawer cabinet with RFID Proximity ID, PIN code or fingerprint identification. The cabinet locks each drawer one by one and lets nobody to open any of the drawers, unless the person has permission to. Ideal choose to safety storage for keys and other small values. It can specify to which drawer can be opened by whom. The opening and closing events are logged.

AutoSafe Product Family

The AutoSafe value storage system stand by 9-400 pieces independent, numbered safe box, which can be opened only with RFID card or NFC-enabled smart phone. It can specify to which box can opened by whom. The opening and closing events are logged. The AutoSafe cabinets are designed for controlled security storage and of high-value items, objects to personal use (mobile phone, tablet, notebook, instruments, car keys, etc.). More cabinets can be connected to one network, and can be monitored and managed via AutoSafe module of the ProxerNet software.